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dubai hot air balloon adventure

For a truly "out of this world" experience... its Balloon Adventures Dubai!

Abdulla Alashram, Peter Kollar and Chris Johnson, Directors of Balloon Adventures Dubai, are passionate about ballooning. Between them, they have more than 50 years experience in the aviation industry and have carried over 50,000 passengers in their various balloon flight operations during the last 14 years.
Balloon Adventures Dubai operate two of the largest and most advanced hot air balloons in the world, with an overall capacity for up to 40 passengers at a time, making them ideal for groups.

Balloon Adventures Dubai is licensed by the General Civil Aviation Authority, and all balloons undergo a strict maintenance programme involving regular tests.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Adventure /Rides Information

There is no better way to view the amazing desert landscape and the awesome desert dawn than from the vantage point of a gently floating hot air balloon!

Get ready for ...
5 hours from start to finish
An early start!
An hour long balloon flight in the sky
Spectacular views and photo opportunities
Refreshments (Chilled fruit juice, water, sodas, dates, chocolates, snacks) after landing
An in-flight photo of the flight available for purchase as a keepsake
Courtesy transfers to and from any major hotel in Dubai

5:00 AM!" you exclaim.

You leap out of bed when the alarm rings, and your first response is that there has been some mistake. Surely it is still the middle of the night, but the clock says 5:00 AM. Just enough time to grab a cup of coffee, and head out to the field for your very first balloon ride.

The best time to fly balloons is in the cool dawn air when the winds are light. It is also the most beautiful time of day in the desert.

The pilot unpacks the balloon...

The pilot unpacks the balloon and assembles the basket parts. "Big noise!" he shouts...and a flame shoots 30 feet into the air. "Your pilot is testing his equipment." explains your hostess.

The crew opens a large bag, and begins to drag it across the field. They are leaving behind a narrow trail of colored material.

Someone cranks up the huge fan you had seen in the back of the chase vehicle, and that colorful bundle billows up the red dunes. There is lots of activity as the crew prepares for the hot inflation.

Flying with Balloon Adventures Dubai is a true desert adventure. Not only do you fly over the desert, you also get to land among the sand dunes and then experience desert driving at its best. Our expert drivers are happy to demonstrate and explain what it takes to get through the desert to the main roads. For added safety there is always more than one 4-wheel drive vehicle used for each return trip.

Ballooning is suitable for all sorts of people, making it possible for families with children over the age of five to have an adventure together, within a safe environment. Taking off at sunrise allows you to enjoy the beginning of your day in an original and memorable way, and still be able to fit in the rest of your busy itinerary.

Whether you are a visitor or local of Dubai, the views on offer from Balloon Adventure Dubai's balloons will take you to new levels of appreciation and awe of the desert and it's unique landscape. They say a picture paints a thousands words, and with the picturesque views from above, this hot air balloon tour may leave you surprisingly lacking words to describe the experience. Just don't forget your camera!

What you will see flying over Dubai?

You will experience the desert as only a few have seen it – from a gently floating hot air balloon. Feel the cool dawn air as you float only a few meters above the red dunes, then be awestruck as the mesmerizing landscape unfolds below you. View the giant sand dunes, the moon-like landscape of the rugged Hajj Mountains to the east, and the “21st century” sky line of Dubai to the west as you raise high into the immense blue of the desert sky.

Flight Times for Dubai Hot Air Balloon Adventure

We operate hot air balloon flights in Dubai for eight months of the year, from October to May. During this time, we take off everyday ... weather permitting!

Early morning is best as it is the calmest time of day. This can range from as early as 4.30am to as late as 6.00am. Regardless of the time, what a way to start the day!

Starting Times
We provide courtesy transfers from hotels for visitors staying in central Dubai.

Note: These are approximate times only and will change with sunrise and sunset times to allow us to time our takeoff with sunrise. Pichup times will be somewhat earlier depending which hotel you are staying in. Allow five hours for the whole experience. Flight times

( valid till 31 May 2013)

Price: USD 268 per Adult
Price: USD 228 per Child

Rates include:

» Pickup and return from any major hotel in Dubai by Landcuiser
» Transfer to the activity area
» Approximately one hour flight time over the desert
» Light refreshments after landing
» Individual flight certificates, signed by the pilot
» Return to the main road by way of safari 4WD experience
» Transfer back to the hotel
» Child below 5 years old is not allowed

Start time is early as we try and lift off at sunrise. Total time for this experience is approximately 5 hours.

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